Zero preventable
deaths from AKI
by 2025

0by25 - an ISN human rights initiative

Eliminating preventable deaths from Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in three key ways:


0by25 will provide compelling new data to demonstrate the global burden of AKI, especially in low and middle-income countries, with the aim of establishing AKI as a contributor to the Global Burden of Disease. 0by25 will compile existing and prospective data in order to better understand AKI’s prevalence and to improve diagnostic and treatment methods.

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Awareness & Education

0by25 will promote increased awareness of AKI across the global healthcare community, predominantly through education and training. Targeted information and educational materials will be developed for a broad range of audiences, including healthcare professionals, patients and governments.

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0by25 will work with those most affected to develop a sustainable infrastructure to enable “need driven” approaches to education, training and care delivery. Through pilot projects, 0by25 will implement globally applicable strategies that permit timely diagnosis and treatment of AKI for patients with potentially reversible diseases.

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AKI is preventable 
and treatable

AKI is characterised by an abrupt loss of kidney function. If left untreated, the condition has a high risk of multiple organ failure and, potentially, death. AKI is a major global healthcare challenge with an estimated 13.3 million cases every year. The situation is particularly tragic in developing countries, where the annual burden of AKI is estimated to be 11.3 million cases. AKI is often preventable and treatable with few, if any, long-term health consequences. However, the lack of early identification and treatment in many countries means that patients often don’t receive essential care before it is too late.

Boy Smiling
Outreach in El Salvador

The mission

The 0by25 initiative aims to eliminate preventable deaths from Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) worldwide by 2025. To achieve this ambitious goal, the mission is to call for globally applicable strategies that permit timely diagnosis and treatment of AKI for patients with potentially reversible diseases. This is a global initiative with a strong emphasis on developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America with disadvantaged populations and poor access to care.

Pilot Cohort Study

This pilot will initially be implemented in 4 selected clusters located in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Each cluster will include 4 to 6 health care clinics providing care for the local community, 1 regional hospital and 1 referral hospital. An observational phase will document the current practice for recognizing and managing patients with AKI in the 4 clusters and record patient and process centered outcomes to establish control baseline data. In the intervention we implement standardized approaches to educate and train healthcare providers to identify patients at risk for AKI, diagnose AKI with point of care tests and to implement protocol-directed management, referral and follow up.


Community work in Nepal